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Widener University Football Takes Pride With Community Loudspeakers
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Widener University Athletic Director Jack Shafer called on Widener alumnus Art Kalemkarian to design a new system based around Community WET and R-Series all-weather loudspeakers.

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The Widener University Pride football team has plenty to be proud of: two NCAA Division III National Championships, reaching the semi-finals three more times, and winning more MAC Championships than any other Middle Atlantic Conference team.

Unfortunately, the aging audio system at the University’s Leslie C. Quick Jr. Stadium was not up to the same championship standards. Plagued by long-standing coverage and sound quality issues, the school’s Athletic Director Jack Shafer called on Widener alumnus Art Kalemkarian, who designed a new system based around Community WET and R-Series all-weather loudspeakers.

The system includes six WET Series W2-2W8 loudspeakers covering the home team’s bleachers from atop the press box. The visitor seating and the playing field are covered by a pair of R2-52Z long-throw loudspeakers, also located on the press box roof. The powerful R-Series loudspeakers serve an additional function, providing extended low frequency punch for music playback. A single R.5-66Z covers the stadium’s entrance area.

The WET Series’ wide and consistent coverage pattern was ideally suited for the seating area, just 75 feet deep but 250 feet wide, but still tight enough to focus the sound on the venue while limiting spillage into neighboring residential areas.

Local contractor Paul Bevenour of King of Prussia, PA-based PABEC Systems worked with Kalemkarian on the project, including designing and installing custom stands to support the speakers. Chris Comer of Clarity Contractors in Mays Landing, NJ replaced the aging press box roof and sealed all of the speaker mounts.

The system is powered by Crest CKS1600-2 amplifiers. A Rane RPM unit provides system drive and processing. A Shure SCM268 mixer, Shure wireless microphones, and Denon CD players complete the setup.

As Kalemkarian explains, Widener’s choice of Community loudspeakers is based on a long history with their products. “We’ve used Community for several other projects here at the school, including an auditorium, theater, gym, weight rooms, softball and lacrosse fields, and the student media complex, and always had great results,” he says.


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