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Waves Audio Introduces Vitamin Sonic Enhancer (Includes Video)
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Waves Audio announces the availability of Vitamin Sonic Enhancer, a multiband harmonic enhancer and tone-shaping plug-in that can help make tracks sound more powerful and “full of spark” by mixing an enriched version with the original signal.

With its zero-latency processing, Vitamin is designed for both studio and live mix engineers alike. Used as an insert on any track or bus, the new plug-ing delivers a warm, vital result that is comparable to what users would get from a parallel chain of EQ, compression and saturation processors.

Vitamin’s controls are immediately responsive, letting users smooth or accentuate punchiness and dynamics, determine the crossover frequency points between the plug-in’s five bands, and control the mix of the direct signal with its enhanced version. In addition, when Vitamin is in stereo mode, each band has a width control that lets users create wider sound images or make room for a vocal right in front of the mix, particularly useful for mastering. 


—Parallel multiband harmonic enhancer with five individual bands
—Control over the crossover frequency points between bands
—Control over the mix of the direct signal with the enhanced version
—Per-band stereo width control
—Punch control for smoothing or accentuating punchiness and dynamics
—Zero-latency processing
Vitamin is available separately as well as in the following bundles: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Horizon, Mercury, Prelude, Essentials, Pro Show, and SD7 Pro Show. Owners of these bundles with current Waves Update Plan coverage can update the bundles and receive Vitamin at no additional cost. 

Vitamin has a U.S. MSRP of $200 (Native) or $300 (SoundGrid), and a special introductory price of $99 (Native) or $149 (SoundGrid). It is available now.



Waves Audio

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