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Waves Audio Announces eMotion Mixer For SoundGrid
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Waves Audio announces the new eMotion mixer for SoundGrid systems, with the introduction of the line’s first products, the eMotion LV1 for live sound front-of-house and monitor applications, and eMotion Studio, for recording, mixing and post production facilities.

eMotion is designed to integrate seamlessly with Waves SoundGrid-compatible I/Os.

The eMotion Mixer engine is powered by low-latency Intel-based Waves SoundGrid DSP servers. Features include low-latency Waves plug-in processing on every channel; support for multiple mixers, I/O boxes and SoundGrid DSP servers over a single network; hardware scalability using standard network components; compatibility with standard control surfaces; Multi-Touch support; Windows and Mac compatibility; and preset sharing across consoles and platforms.

The LV1, the first product in the eMotion series, includes two new integrated plugins: EMO-D5 dynamics processor and EMO-Q4 equalizer.

LV1 Software Mixer:

—64 input channels (mono/stereo)
—32 stereo buses + return channels
—L/R, center, mono main buses + master channels
—8 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 8 user-assignable function controls
—Cue/SIP and talk-back
—EMO-Q4 equalizer: 4-band EQ with HP and LP per channel
— EMO-D5 dynamics processor: Comp/Gate/Expander/DeEsser/Limiter/Leveler per channel
—Up to 6 plug-ins per channel
—Connect to multiple DAWs for recording and playback
—Save and transmit sessions and snapshots from any DAW to eMotion
—Connect and share SoundGrid I/O devices, drivers and applications
—Up to 1000 Scenes/Snapshots
—Up to 96 kHz sample rate
—Automatic plugin delay compensation
—Mackie HUI control surface support, including iPad HUI emulators


Waves Audio

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