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Variety Of Midas Consoles Accompany AC/DC As Black Ice Tour Lands In The U.K.
It's a mix of Midas analog and digital to meet all mix needs on the tour and more
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AC/DC front of house engineer Paul ‘Pab’ Boothroyd with the Midas PRO40 and PRO6 consoles. Also check out our PSW Photo Gallery for a wide range of images of the system currently out with the AC/DC Black Ice tour.

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The AC/DC Black Ice world tour has landed the UK, accompanied by vintage as well as the latest in Midas console technology.

Front of house engineer Paul “Pab” Boothroyd is using a refurbished 1980s PRO40 analog console to mix the band, with a PRO6 live audio system alongside to run the Klark Teknik DN9696 hard disc recorder and mix support band The Answer.

A Midas Heritage 4000 is the monitor console for AC/DC, with a second PRO6 being used to monitor support bands.

“I’ve always enjoyed analogue consoles, and I’ll use whatever suits the job,” explains Pab. “A band like AC/DC warrants using a good old analogue desk because they’re a good old analog band. It’s not like I have masses of processing, FX sends or over-EQing going on, just a little bit of compression. Nothing fancy as it doesn’t need to be, and I’m having a great time using it.”

The 25-year-old PRO40 was painstakingly cleaned up and restored by Pab, together with Tim Boyle and Pete Cornell of Concert Sound, which owns the desk.

“I have a lot of association with this console, and it’s got a great history,” Pab continues. “We had access to lots of spare parts and modules and spent many hours restoring it, wiping away the years of dirt with a Q Tip. Concert Sound and Midas would have worked closely on what was needed when it was made, listening to feedback and ideas.

“That’s a process that still goes on today and what’s always been good about Midas, they listen to and work with the people that use the gear.”

In addition to working with the KT DN9696 hard disc recorder, the Midas PRO6 on the front end has also been programmed with a live mix for the band in case the PRO40 has a “senior moment”. However, as befits its rock ‘n’ roll credentials, so far this hasn’t been necessary.

Also check out our PSW Photo Gallery for a wide range of images of the system currently out with the AC/DC Black Ice tour.

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