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Universal Audio Releases SSL E Series Channel Strip And G Series Bus Compressor Plug-ins
The emulations of the SSL 4000 console is now available to UAD-2 powered plug-ins users on Mac & PC.
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Universal Audio has announced the release of the Solid State Logic-authenticated SSL E Series Channel Strip and G Series Bus Compressor plug-ins for the UAD-2 platform.

The SSL E Series Channel Strip plug-in for UAD-2 is the result of Universal Audio’s painstaking circuit emulation of the esteemed SSL 4000 console, complete with both the Type E “black knob” and “brown knob” four-band EQ — widely held to be the favorites in SSL’s signal processing lineage.

Other features include high and low cut filters, and independent Expander/Gate and Compressor/Limiter.

The SSL G Series Bus Compressor emulates the center section console dynamics from the SSL 4000. This plug-in features the same simple control set and transparent compression characteristics of the hardware version, including its famed ability to “glue” together a mix.

“These are the SSL plug-ins we always wanted to build,” said Matt Ward, President of Universal Audio.

“We love working directly with our plug-in partners, as there are always little tips, tricks and stories behind the development of the classic products we emulate. This becomes a critical part of the authenticity of our models, and SSL has been a huge help in this regard.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to have the support of SSL in developing the most accurate and flexible emulations of such well-loved and respected equipment.”

“With a little help from our guys, UA have gone to a lot of trouble to get the E Series Channel processors and G Series Stereo Bus Compressor just right and we are delighted that these faithful emulations are now available on the UAD platform. UA’s respect for authenticity is the sound basis on which this new relationship is founded,” said Antony David, Managing Director of SSL.

Available for purchase via UA’s Online Store, the SSL E Series Channel Strip and SSL G Series Bus Compressor plug-ins sell for $299 and $249 respectively.

SSL E Series Channel Strip Powered Plug-In features include:
• UAD circuit emulation of the SSL E Series console featuring both Type E “black” and “brown” EQ’s, plus cut filters
• Flexible Compressor range from transparent to “in your face”
• Highly responsive Gate including “no-chatter” mode derived from later SSL designs

SSL G Series Bus Compressor Powered Plug-In features include:
• UAD circuit emulation of SSL G Series compressor
• Specially tailored dynamic characteristics ideal for compressing the full mix or subgroups
• Auto Fade feature from original console

The SSL E Series Channel Strip and SSL G Series Bus Compressor plug-ins are available as part of the new UAD Software v5.8.0 release.

In addition to the two new SSL titles, v5.8.0 includes the groundbreaking Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in, as well as highly anticipated 64-Bit Mac OS support and additional performance enhancements for all UAD-2 users on the Windows platform.

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