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Transform Your Mind: Download Free White Paper On Transformers In Audio
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A new white paper, “An Introduction to Transformers in Audio Devices,” is now available for free download here on PSW. (Download it here.)

Presented by Lundahl, a world leader in the design and production of transformers, the white paper provides a deeper understanding of the history and principles of transformers, an unsung hero of modern audio components and systems.

Author Ken DeLoria, senior technical editor of ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International (and founder of Apogee Sound), also details the key operating principles of transformers and how they shape the scope of professional audio equipment, including mic preamps, DI boxes and many more.

Note that this is just the first of several free white papers on transformers and related audio topics. New installments will be posted here on PSW and available for download on a regular basis.

Again, download your free copy of the white paper here.


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