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Train Your Ears Debuts TrainYourEars EQ Edition
Ear training software for sound engineers
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Train Your Ears  has announced the release of TrainYourEars EQ Edition, the first of a series of software programs dedicated to training the ears of sound engineers.

The training system works by generating a random processed version from an original signal. After listening to both the original and the processed audio the user must guess which parameters were used to create the processed one.

Through repetitions the user will learn the real effect of each parameter (or combination of parameters) in a very deep way, associating it with sounds and feelings more than with theory explanations.

The final advantage is an improved ability to imagine the sound inside the mind and dial the needed parameters to get that sound faster and easier.

The version which is going to be released in the next days is called TrainYourEars EQ Edition and it is the equalization trainer. In the future, Train Your Ears will develop other similar programs, to train the ear to “hear” more types of processors like compressors, reverbs and delays, distortion or even synthesizers.

Main features:
- An audio player to reproduce Wav, Aiff and Mp3 files.
- Pink and white noise generators.
- Hardware (iPod, radio, instruments…) or software (iTunes,
streaming…) routing capabilities.
- Range selection to train different frequencies, gains, Q factors, filter types or any combination of them.
- Up to 10 bands, each one with its own parameters.
- Several options to hear between the original and processed signals, like silence or decorrelation sounds.
- A “Random Player” function which jumps automatically to a new song/audio each time the user starts a new riddle.
- Possibility of saving and loading exercises.
- It works in Windows as well as in Mac with any kind of driver and routing and doesn’t need any additional software.

TrainYourEars EQ Edition will be available June 11, 2011 and will have an introductory price of 19.90€.

View video overview about TrainYourEars EQ edition.
Train Your Ears

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Posted by Alberto  on  06/02/11  at  04:05 PM
I couldn't wait to have it!
Posted by Ricardo Ordax  on  06/02/11  at  12:58 PM
Now, this is a good idea!! Oh, and I love the video!
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