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Think You’re An RF Guru? Time To Prove It By Taking Our Quiz!
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12. All other things being equal, a 100 mW transmitter when compared to a 50 mW transmitter provides:
A. Half the range
B. Two times the range
C. 40 percent more range
D. Four times the range
E. A tingly fresh feeling

13. True or false: directional antennas are always better.

14. True or false: when a transmitter antenna is touching a person’s body, a substantial amount of RF energy is absorbed.

15. “Yagi” and “Dipole” are:
A. Types of worm-like creatures living in freshwater ponds
B. Types of antenna designs
C. Types of golf swings
D. Two characters from Star Wars
E. None of the above

16. For the best reception:
A. Place antennas close to the transmitters and run long cables to the receivers
B. Place antennas further from the transmitters and run short cables
C. Depends on the inherent RF signal loss of the antenna cables at the frequency of operation
D. Stand on your head and whisper ancient Mayan war chants

17. And, finally, the best wireless system in the world is:
A. The one you have
B. The most expensive one on the market
C. The one your client requests
D. The one that will get the job done with the least hassles
E. The one with big tailfins!

Our thanks to Karl Winkler and the gang at Lectrosonics for providing the quiz!

Thanks for playing. Be sure to let us know how you scored in the comments!

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