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“The Complete Front of House Engineer” Seminars and Workshops Slated For September
Learn advanced live sound techniques from legendary engineer Robert Scovill; five days of classes and workshops beginning September 14 in Missouri
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The acclaimed seminar series “The Complete Front of House Engineer” is back for 2009, scheduled to be presented in partnership with Church On The Rock in St. Peters, Missouri, beginning September 14, 2009.

The Complete FOH Engineer seminars were formed in 2000 by 6-time TEC Award winning engineer Robert Scovill, and since that time, he has developed the series into a tour de force of workshops aimed at engineers and mixers who enter with a wide breadth of experience looking to elevate their skill sets in live sound. 

“My agenda is to expose sound reinforcement pros and semi-pros alike to professional concepts and techniques that they can employ on today’s technology in order for them to develop a “method” for attaining the results they desire in their day to day work,” Scoville explains. “Be it for touring, night clubs, pro AV work or houses of worship, the seminars are strongly rooted in audio fundamentals with an emphasis on understanding the “why” rather than just the “how” to do a given task.”

“I don’t want to be in the business of building ‘paint by numbers’ engineers,” he continues. “I would much rather have them walk away from these seminars with the ability and the desire to analyze a problem and then creatively and correctly solve it, rather than simply applying a technique just because someone else did it at some point in the past.

Robert Scovill

“Clearly, the class hits a ‘sweet spot’ between application of technology, artistic expression, and the integration of both. The comments we get from attendees and the results they see in their career trajectory speak for themselves and are the best affirmation of our approach that we could ever want.”


This year’s workshops will be held at Church On The Rock in St. Peters, Missouri. The choice of this host venue is far from random as the head audio engineer for this facility is Eric Chancey, an engineer who attended the very first Complete FOH Engineer workshops in 2000.

“I’ve had the privilege of attending The Complete FOH Engineer three times over the years and frankly I’ve learned something new each time,” Chancey states. “In the classes, I was made aware of concepts and techniques that have completely changed the way I work and it has had a direct impact on my success, especially here at Church On The Rock. It’s really refreshing to see someone with Robert’s background who understands the church dynamic so well.

“It’s evident from day one that Robert is as fluent in the house of worship world as he is in traditional concert sound and it’s a huge asset for the attendees,” Chancey adds. He can move effortlessly between those worlds and demonstrate where they converge and diverge. That kind of insight is something you won’t often see in professional audio.”

The five day event will offer the following classes and seminars:
—September 14, Digidesign VENUE Training
—September 15, Introduction to FFT Analysis
—September 16 - 18,  The Complete FOH Engineer Seminar

The Complete FOH Engineer schedule (Sept 16-18):
—Day one, dedicated to PA systems management and operation
—Day two, dedicated to console management and processing concepts
—Day three, dedicated to mixing and processing techniques and live recording

Attendees should enroll with basic knowledge of console and sound system operation and have some experience using outboard devices such as equalizers, compressors, gates, and other analog and digital processing equipment.

Registration is now open, and there are early-bird as well as group discounts along with discounts for bundling two or more of the classes and seminars together.

Transportation from select hotels and catering is provided for the duration of the events. Seating is limited.

For more information, go to

The Complete FOH Engineer/Pro Audio Seminars Website

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