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The Arboretum At Christ Cathedral Benefits From Tannoy VX Loudspeakers
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DJL A/V, located in San Dimas, California was responsible for the design and installation of the new system featuring Tannoy VX loudspeakers.

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Dedicated in 1961 and designed by Richard Neutra, the Arboretum was the original worship area for the Crystal Cathedral Ministries located in Garden Grove, California. Since being acquired by the Diocese of Orange the Arboretum has been renovated and is now home to St. Callistus parish while the Cathedral is being updated.

Part of the renovation included a new sound reinforcement system. DJL A/V, located in San Dimas, California was responsible for the design and installation of the new system featuring Tannoy VX loudspeakers.

“The building is a highly regarded modernist building,” explains Don Cicchetti, engineer at DJL A/V. “The ceiling is 40 feet tall and the right side of the sanctuary is pure glass while the left side is plaster. It is a highly reverberant room.”

Cicchetti chose the VX loudspeakers because the dual concentric driver design allows the sound to be directed to cover specific seating areas while keeping it off of the hard surfaces. He designed a delayed, distributed system that consists of two VX 12 and ten VX 8 loudspeakers.

“Each pair of loudspeakers covers roughly five rows of pews,” explains Cicchetti. “The pair of VX 12s were placed at the front of the sanctuary with pairs of VX 8 following creating an even blanket of sound while keeping the focus at the front of the room. The loudspeakers and brackets were custom painted to match the room and look as unobtrusive as possible.”

The VX 8 and VX 12 are loaded with 8-inch and 12-inch dual concentric full-range drivers, respectively, which provide tightly controlled coverage and plenty of forward gain. All of the loudspeakers in the VX series have been acoustically matched allowing designers and installers to use them together seamlessly.

Audio connection is via a flush-mounted, recessed termination panel with both NL4 SpeakON and connector strip while an extensive range of high performance steel mounting hardware is available, custom designed for the loudspeakers.

DJL A/V also installed a new Soundcraft Xpression 2 digital mixer, two BSS Soundweb London processors for system management and an assortment of wireless microphones for the priests.

“The archdiocese is extremely pleased with the new system,” concludes Cicchetti. “The vocal intelligibility is terrific and the system is very musical.”


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