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Technomedia Solutions Elevates London Flagship With Powersoft Amplifier Modules
Digimod modules provide ideal solution to power new distributed system
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Powersoft Digimod amplifier modules and corresponding full-range loudspeakers were concealed in the top of custom shelving towers distributed throughout the store.

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The Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store in London recently upgraded their sound system utilizing a custom configuration of Powersoft Digimod amplifier modules to power a distributed and networked sound system consisting of JBL AC15 and Martin AQ8 loudspeakers.

The system redesign and install was handled by Technomedia Solutions, an audiovisual/interactive design, consultation and installation firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in New York, Las Angeles, London and China.

“Our original objective was to redesign a sound system that would fit into the past design approach in the flagship stores and sound amazing,” explains John Miceli, president and owner of Technomedia.

“The Team at Abercrombie & Fitch was interested in providing customers of the London Flagship with a high quality audio experience that would reflect the very high quality of the Abercrombie & Fitch clothing brand.”

The London flagship store is situated in a Historical building; the rooms are much larger and feature much taller ceilings than the other flagship locations.

The previous system utilized powered components that were concealed in the top of custom millwork distributed throughout the store.

“The new system needed to use the same cabinetry in order not to impact the aesthetic of the store while at the same time providing an evenly distributed high-end stereo listening experience,” Anthony Liccardi, Manager of AV Systems for Abercrombie explained.

“The challenge was finding a small powered speaker that would fit the confines of the cabinets while providing the sound quality Abercrombie required from the system retrofit.”

Fortunately Technomedia is a supporter of Powersoft amplifiers and was familiar with the Powersoft Digimod amplifier modules.

“We realized that we could hard-wire the loudspeakers to the Digimod amplifier modules and create our own powered loudspeakers,” Miceli continues.“It was the ideal solution.”

Technomedia specified Digimod 500s and Digimod 1000s to power the full range loudspeaker system. Powersoft Digimod modules provide a powerful, compact and lightweight one or two-channel amplifier with optional DSP integration.

The 2-channel 1000s delivers 500 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 1000 watts into 8 ohms in bridged mode.  The 500s is the only Powersoft amplifier module with a single-channel output stage delivering 500 watts into 4 ohms making it excellent for small power professional application or products that require reliability and high audio quality.

“Building the boxes for the modules ended up being very beneficial,” Liccardi, explains. “We used grommet connectors and hardwired the loudspeakers to the amplifier boxes. Each module powered one or two loudspeakers depending upon the location. It worked out extremely well.”

Upon completion the London Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store boasted a new sound system consisting of 60 JBL AC15 and 20 Martin AQ8 full-range loudspeakers powered by 25 Digimod 500s and 25 Digimod 1000s amplifier modules with the low frequency sound provided by 30 Meyer Sound self-powered subwoofers.

“The store management was looking for an audio solution that would upgrade the quality of the customers shopping experience,” Liccardi concludes. “The new system at the London flagship store really hits the mark by providing even consistent coverage along with the highest audio quality obtainable.”


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