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Synchro Arts Introduces Revoice Pro 2.6, Offers Numerous Enhancements (Includes Video)
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Synchro Arts has announced Revoice Pro 2.6 for both Mac and Windows, offering significant workflow speed-ups and enhancements to Cubase and Nuendo users and speed improvements for Pro Tools 11 users.

New features in Revoice Pro 2.6 include the ability to instantly import audio and clip information from Cubase and Nuendo to Revoice Pro using either Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop. Instant transfer of Revoice Pro’s processed audio back via Drag and Drop or export audio function.

Cubase 5.0 and later and Nuendo 5.0 and later—including Nuendo 6.5—are supported. For Pro Tools 11 users of Revoice Pro on Windows, the slowdown in Pro Tools when the Revoice Pro plug-in is open have been removed.

Revoice Pro has been designed for professional audio editors and provides easy-to-use tools for manipulating audio features (timing, pitch, vibrato, inflection and level) with precision and quality. There’s also unique automation of tedious audio feature editing tasks, which can save hours and improve results.

Overview of Revoice Pro
Revoice Pro is a purpose-built, stand-alone program that includes two unique, automated processes:

1) Audio Performance Transfer (APT) process. Automatically transfers selected timing, pitch, vibrato, inflection and/or loudness characteristics of a good “guide” audio signal to one or more target audio signals (“dub”). APT is powered by and includes an advanced version of VocALign.

2) Doubler process. When double tracks haven’t been recorded, Revoice Pro’s Doubler creates incredibly natural-sounding ones. And when you a manual adjustment of timing or pitch is needed, there are numerous simple-to-use tools available.

Applications include tightening the timing, pitch and vibrato of “stacked” lead and backing vocals or instrumental tracks, as well as creating one or more realistic double tracks from a single input track. In addition, users can lip-sync dialog (ADR) and vocals by the same or different performers, even when there are noisy guide tracks. In addition, the inflection in dialog (ADR, voice-overs etc.) can be changed with the desired Guide pattern provided by recording the director or dialog editor.

“Revoice Pro saves me and my team hours of work when it comes to vocal pitch and timing correction with doubled vocals and backgrounds. “It’s amazing how fast the workflow is,” states Tony Maserati, Grammy winning producer (Lady Gaga, Jason Miraz).

“I started using Revoice Pro on American Hustle and I was surprised at how quickly and perfectly it matched sync without sonic artifacts,” adds Renée Tondelli, dialogue and ADR editor (American Hustle, Django Unchained). “I now use the pitch function to match performances, and it works incredibly well. Because Revoice Pro is so fast and precise, it’s now my go-to tool.”

A 14-day free trial license (iLok-based) for Revoice Pro can be obtained from along with downloads of the Revoice Pro program, online manuals, demos and tutorial videos. Full licenses (iLok-based) can be purchased from Synchro Arts’ dealers or on-line from

Recommended retail price of Revoice Pro is $599 for North America, £374 (ex VAT) for UK and the rest of the world, and €449 (ex VAT) for Europe. Discounts are available on trade-ins for current VocALign owners.


Synchro Arts

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