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Symetrix Debuts I/O Expansion Devices For SymNet Edge And Radius Networked DSP
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Symetrix has introduced SymNet xIn 12 and xOut 12, new cost-effective option to increase a system’s analog input or output channel capacity.

Designed exclusively for use with SymNet Edge and Radius DSP units, each of the 12 studio-grade analog inputs and 12 studio-grade outputs, along with bus assignments, are configured using SymNet Composer open architecture software.

The xIn 12 and xOut 12 set-up is logical and fast with no requirement to use third party software. There are no mechanical switches or circuit board jumpers to set.

Notes Symetrix CEO Paul Roberts, “Whether you are scaling up a SymNet Edge system, a SymNet Radius system, or one that combines the two, the xIn 12 and xOut 12 create larger systems with smaller price tags.”


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