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SpeakerPower Ultimate Subwoofer Amplifiers Designed For EDM
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SpeakerPower’s Ultimate Sub Amplifiers are designed from the ground up to specifically to meet the unique demand for long term high power output at extremely low frequencies of synthesized bass in electronic dance music for festivals, concerts and night clubs.

High efficiency ensures cool running and reliability even in adverse environments found in touring or outdoor venues. Designed for full time 2 ohm operation, the high power output can be used to fully drive multiple parallel woofers economically in large systems.

Key benefits are of the new amplifiers include dual mono construction with full power all the time; full bridge outputs for not current pumping, activation of protection circuits; power specified at low frequencies when required and state of the art moulation and feedback networks for low distortion and invariant frequency response with load.

““Smart” switching power supplies found in most lightweight amplifiers have the ability to deliver high power for a very short time then cut back to much lower long term power. This takes advantage of well known guidelines for short term to long term characteristics of music and is appropriate for lowish to high frequencies.” says Brian Oppegaard, SpeakerPower CEO.  “However, modern Electronic Dance Music with its huge emphasis on extreme sub frequencies and levels is anything but average. This is not grandpa’s rock or disco 40ms thump thump thump. A short term power rating of several seconds is needed to avoid “slump during the drop”. Our Ultimate Sub Amplifier, made in the USA, delivers this power for the bone melting, vision swimming, mind expanding experience the audience wants, expects, and is paying for”.

SpeakerPower Inc

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