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Sound Radix Announces Auto-Align RTAS & ProTools 9 Compatibility
Auto-Align is an automatic microphone / DI time alignment plug-in.
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Sound Radix has announced the release of Auto-Align.

Auto-Align will “listen” to multi-mic recordings and will automatically measure and compensate for the delay between the microphones, sample accurately - significantly reducing the Comb filter effect and dramatically improving the resulting sound.

Common applications for Auto-Align include aligning overhead microphones to the close miked drums, aligning a dynamic microphone and a condenser in a typical guitar amp recording setup, aligning a Bass guitar DI recording with its miked amp recording.

• RTAS and ProTools 9 compatibility
• New, easy-to-use, host-independent bus routing system, eliminates the need of using side-chain
• True stereo alignment in Pro Tools and other hosts that support mono side-chain only
• Improved, automatic management of stereo-to-mono and mono-to-stereo alignment
• Improved detection algorithm
• Improved graphics accuracy

Auto-Align is a 32-bit and 64-bit, Universal Binary Audio-Unit and RTAS plugin for OS.


Sound Radix Website

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