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Shure Timeline: Milestones From 1925 To 2000
A look at the wealth of achievements of one of the most successful and longest enduring in professional audio.
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1966: Shure SM58 (“SM” for “studio microphone”) is adopted by rock-and-roll musicians, who find it offers the right combination of rugged reliability and excellent sound quality; it becomes the standard for live performance vocals. V15 Type II, the first computer-designed phono cartridge, features superior tracking ability.

1967: Vocal Master, the first “portable total sound system,” includes a mixer, power amplifier, and loudspeakers.

1968: M67 portable mixer, designed for remote broadcast applications, enables journalists to cover stories live in the field.

1976: SM11 is the world’s smallest dynamic lavalier microphone.

1981: With Sidney N. Shure as chairman of the board, James Kogen, executive vice president, operations, is promoted to president and general manager.

1982: Shure opens a manufacturing facility in Wheeling, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

Remember the Vocal Master?

1983: Debut of FP31 mixer, weighing just 2.2 pounds. Easily attaches to Sony Betacam video cameras becoming the standard for news crews.

1983: Automatic Microphone System (AMS) is the first automatic mixer system using directional gating for installations utilizing multiple microphones.

1983: Manufacturing plant opens in Agua Prieta, Mexico, for production of phonograph cartridges.

1984: SM91 is the first unidirectional boundary-effect microphone.

Shure’s first DSP product, the DFR11EQ.

1984: Manufacturing plant opens in Juarez, Mexico, for production of wired microphones.

1985: Patented home theater sound system, the HTS5000, offers surround sound capabilities via a decoder.

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