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Session Interchange Options In A Pinch
A quick and effective tip for exporting tracks from Pro Tools
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You may be shocked to learn this, but there actually are DAW’s other than Pro Tools.

You’re stunned, right? I just knew you would be.

All kidding aside, I tend to do most of my work in Pro Tools, mainly because I just like the program better than the other options.

However, I do have occasion to mix in other DAW’s from time to time depending on the needs of clients.

For instance, the other day I was mixing across town for a client and the session had been tracked in Logic.

However, a separate session existed in Pro Tools in which some effects had already been edited,

So, what could I do to get everything working together in one session? Well, I had a few options…


Unfortunately, I didn’t have my iLok with me which contains my DigiTranslator license, so that scrapped any chance of using OMF.

The Logic session contained several times more tracks than the Pro Tools session, so apparently I was going to export all my files individually from Pro Tools an reassemble them within Logic.

However, they were already edited with fades applied and had been laid out properly within the timeline. How can you migrate all that data without losing something?

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