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San Diego Drum Show Enjoys Successful Launch With Help From Shure
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The inaugural 2014 San Diego Drum Show, an interactive educational event featuring all-things drums that attracted almost 500 to teach and learn drumming tips and techniques, was supported by exclusive microphone provider Shure.

The event is the brainchild of Peter Dyson, owner of the Studio West recording facility in San Diego with a drumming background that spans three decades, working with The Recording Arts Center, School for Audio Engineering and Production.

Attendees ranged from Grammy-award winning engineer Steve Churchyard to eight-year-old kids who have never picked up a drum stick. A range of vintage drum displays and newer drum kits filled the Studio West facility and parking lot.

Churchyard taught a free drum miking clinic, using a combination of Shure DMK57-52 drum mic kits, BETA 98AMP, BETA 181, BETA 56A, KSM 141, KSM 137, and a A56D drum mount system, among other mics. He demonstrated what goes into accurate microphone placement across toms, snares, percussion, and cymbals.

“To prepare kids for real-world scenarios, it’s important for us to teach techniques that are tried and true,” explains Dyson. “Everyone uses an SM57 for recording a snare drum, so when kids learn how to use this mic early on, they’ll be able to take that skill wherever their career takes them.

“Thanks to supporters like Shure, the San Diego Drum Show showcased all the possibilities the drumming world has to offer, and we can’t wait to do a similar event again in the future,” he continues. “There’s nothing like picking up a stick and hitting a drum—it’s a fun, liberating thing to do.” 

Here’s video from the event:


San Diego Drum Show: Shure Shout Out from Peter Dyson on Vimeo.



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