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RTS Presents BTR-240 Wireless Intercom System At NAB
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The latest addition to the RTS/Telex wireless intercom family offers license-free operation and best-in-class audio quality and latency.

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New from RTS , the BTR-240 is a digital multi-channel wireless intercom system offering extremely reliable and secure full-duplex communication with up to eight wireless TR-240 beltpacks and an almost unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks.

Operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the BTR-240 system uses the widely adopted IEEE 802.11 technology and is approved for license-free use in most countries. The system also incorporates unique ClearScan™ technology, allowing users to select the optimal radio frequency (RF) channel for communication at the touch of a button.

The BTR-240 has the ability to configure multi-level 802.11 wireless security features, including data encryption, MAC address filtering, and 64-bit audio encryption, to provide a highly secure wireless intercom system. The system allows users to select between two individual audio channels of communication, and to talk and listen or listen only to any individual audio channel or both channels simultaneously.

The BTR-240 system is perfectly suited for stand-alone operation and can also interface with two-wire systems, including RTS, Telex Audiocom, and Clear-Com®, as well as four-wire intercom systems such as the RTS matrix systems. In addition to the external intercom system interfaces, the system provides connectivity for auxiliary balanced audio input and output and speaker output.

The TR-240 beltpacks may be configured in one of three operating modes: wireless, wired, or master wireless. In wireless (normal) mode, beltpacks communicate to each other using the base station as a relay. In wired mode, beltpacks turn off their wireless ability and communicate via Ethernet cable or through a building’s existing Ethernet infrastructure. In master wireless mode, a beltpack acts as a mobile access point to provide wireless coverage for other beltpacks to communicate without an actual BTR-240 base station. The TR-240 beltpack has a removable Li-Ion battery pack that provides up to eight hours of uninterrupted operation. The battery pack can be charged directly in the case by plugging a power adapter into the beltpack or by placing the battery in the CHG-240 four-bay charger.

Key features:
• License-free 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b WLAN technology
• Multi-level security and audio encryption
• ClearScan™ channel selection
• Choice of two independent or simultaneous audio channels
• Operation with eight full-duplex beltpacks or a virtually unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks
• Multiple antenna options and accessories
• Easy-to-read LCD indicates system status
• Expanded coverage using BTR-24 access points
• Two-wire and four-wire wired intercom interface
• XLR in/out for interfacing with general audio systems
• Auto-select condenser or dynamic microphone
• TR-240 beltpacks operate wired or wireless and can operate as access point
• Durable ABS construction
• Removable Li-Ion batteries with wide temperature range and up to eight hours operation



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