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Royer Labs Debuts Sling-Shock Microphone Shock Mount
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Royer Labs has introduced the Sling-Shock microphone shock mount, designed to provide excellent isolation between a microphone and mic stand from a maintenance-free design.

Sling-Shock offers a unique suspension system that reduces induced distortion by eliminating unwanted vibration and random low-frequency disturbances commonly characterized as “rumble.”

Sling-Shock is designed to work indefinitely with no loss of performance or function, requiring nothing more than minimal adjustment. It utilizes a two-part mechanism consisting of non-resonant nylon cord and damped tensioning springs that are user adjustable.

Since it uses no materials that are prone to deterioration from age or use, Sling-Shock’s patent pending design represents a departure from traditional shock mounts that rely on stretched rubber bands, bungee cords, or rubber bushings as the main dampening mechanism.

A microphone clutching mechanism offers greater adaptability than conventional shock mount designs by enabling critical position adjustments to the microphone. With the ability to fine-tune the vertical and horizontal positioning of the microphone, a knurled lock-down knob secures the microphone in place.

Sling-Shock also utilizes a soft cotton interior chamber that provides a non-abrasive grasp of the microphone. The result is a microphone holding mechanism that provides positive grip with no risk of scratching the microphone’s finish.

Sling-Shock can be used on any cylindrical microphone within its size range. The first release fits Royer’s 1-inch diameter microphones and is adjustable +/-  1/8-inch for similarly sized microphones. Future releases will fit a wide range of microphone bodies. 

Rick Perrotta, president of Royer Labs, states, “The Sling-Shock represents a true departure from conventional microphone shock mount systems. This all-new shock mount uses a modern, compact design and durable matte black powder coated finish for an unobtrusive appearance.

“Further, it is built to a very high standard. Components and assembly are 100 pe5rcent American, with all manufacturing taking place in our Burbank facility. With its ability to provide fine adjustments and exceptional isolation, I’m confident the Sling-Shock will become an invaluable studio accessory for today’s recording professional.”

The new Sling-Shock is hand-built in Burbank, CA, and is backed by a 5-year unlimited warranty. Available now, it carries an MSRP of $295.

Royer Labs

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