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Romania’s Timisoara National Theatre Benefits From d&b audiotechnik
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Unfortunately, the venue, which seats approximately 600, has been plagues=d with acoustics issues due to the relatively shallow room that features balconies that are both deep and steep.

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Beautiful, elaborate, ornate, the Timisoara National Theatre in Romania stands within the Palace of Culture, an arts centre conceived in the Viennese style by architects Hellmer and Felmer, and was opened in 1875 at the height of the Belle Époque.

Unfortunately the venue, which seats approximately 600, has been plagued with acoustics issues due to the relatively shallow room that features balconies that are both deep and steep.

“It makes it difficult for the sound to reach the last rows of the stalls, and it decreases the SPLs and intelligibility for the balconies and boxes themselves,”  explained the National Theatre’s Technical Manager.

Not such an uncommon problem, and fortunately he is well informed about d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers. 

“I’ve known about d&b audiotechnik for quite some time, and I’ve always been pleasantly impressed by the neutral sound. Also in terms of SPL and intelligibility their loudspeakers meet all our requirements,” the Technical Manager adds. “It is my observation that d&b systems make it relatively easy to put all these characteristics into effect so I was glad to hear last year that d&b audiotechnik is now available on the Romanian market through dB Technolight.

The venue manger contacted Technical Support at dB Technolight who recommended the T-Series system.

“The T-Series was an ideal choice. My EASE modeling showed that there was no way any simple left/right system could adequately cover all the seats, but T-Series could deliver a very even coverage in terms of level and frequency range across almost ninety five percent of the audience,” he expalins. “It is also a small and unobtrusive line array; a vital factor for such a beautiful theatre. To cover the other five percent was easy; the d&b E-Series loudspeaker range offers small cabinets with a wide variety of dispersion patterns to fill the gaps without intrusion to the main system. Sonically they are extremely well matched.”

The Theatre Manager had one other concern, “Due to the many different styles of presentation we stage and the frequent use of the orchestra pit it was desirable for subwoofers to be flown. So we now have a permanently installed Ti-Series left and right with flown T-SUBs delivering an average 105 - 107dB SPL covering the full range.

“The dB Technolight team fitted the whole system in just one day and the d&b R70 Ethernet to CAN interface and Wi-Fi router for independent cable free connection were also configured very quickly. The acoustic accuracy and superior performance of this system is perfect.”

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