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RCF Introduces Multi-Channel D+ Class Amplifiers
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RCF has debuted new multi-channel D+ class amplifiers. The new UP 8500 Series D+ class amplifiers are the result of continuous research carried out by RCF engineers.

Thanks to innovative D+ class circuitry, UP 8500 amplifiers offer high efficiency, superb audio performance and dual power supplies. This makes them suitable for emergency/evacuation system applications.

In fact, a single, lightweight 19” rack has two automatic switching power supplies (230 Vac and 48 Vdc) and one or more separate amplification circuits with a constant voltage output of 100 or 70V, galvanically isolated to connect speaker lines with no earth.

Each amplification channel includes 3 analog audio inputs, all at line level and mixing with the possibility of managing the priority of the first input over the second. The third input is always active to interface the amplifiers with monitoring systems that use continuous audio signals.

Other features that contribute to UP 8500 amplifiers being the ideal choice for “100V” applications include the option of disabling the volume controls from the front panel, remote shutdown for additional energy savings and the logic output that indicates the operating status of the internal circuits, assisted by sophisticated protections.

The series currently includes a single-channel 500 W model and two multi-channel 2 x 250 W and 4 x 125 W models, for greater versatility of use in fixed 100V installations.


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