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Rat Sound Systems & L-ACOUSTICS K1 On Current Concert Tour With Blink-182
Rat Sound is also fielding two new subwoofer configurations that provide increased control and coverage
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Rat Sound Systems is the sound company for the current concert tour by Blink-182, providing its new L-ACOUSTICS K1 loudspeakers and subwoofers, as well as all other audio gear and support.

The equipment complement includes 24 L-ACOUSTICS K1 and 8 K1 subwoofers as well as 24 KUDO, 24 SB28, 8 Rat Sound Supersubs and 12 L-ACOUSTICS dV-Dosc. All are powered by L-ACOUSTICS LA8 amplifiers.

Blink-182 is back on the road for the first time after their recent four year hiatus, with Dave Rat chosen as the FOH engineer, this time mixing on an old school Midas XL4. His processing/effects rack includes Meyer CP10, BSS 960 EQ, Lexicon PCM 60 and TC-Electronic Voice Doubler. 

Compression are covered by a Drawmer 1960, a pair of BSS DPR404 and a pair of Aphex Expressors. Dave Rat is being supported at FOH by tech Jim Lockyer, with Roz Jones and Robert Lightner as system techs. 

Steve Walsh is handling monitor duties for the band, and Manny Barajas is the monitor tech. Walsh is using a Yamaha PM5D digital console to feed Sennheiser G2 in-ear monitors, augmented by a pair of Rat Supersubs on drums, 4 flown KUDO boxes and an additional Rat Supersub per side for sidefill.  EAW MicroWedge MW12 provide wedge mixes for support acts.

Additionally Rat Sound is fielding two new subwoofer configurations, the Vortex and Slotfire configurations that foster increased control and coverage. 

The Vortex consists of 4 stacks of three SB28 subs configured in a square, and combined with time offsets, the result is increased LF coverage to the sides of of the coverage area while reducing the “power alley”.

The Slotfire consists of 4 stacks of SB28 subs set up in pairs that face each other and are spaced by 1/3 wavelength. Adding delay to the outside pairs increases coverage to the sides of the venue.

The 10-week tour features is appearing in various-sized venues in the U.S. and Canada, with rotating acts Weezer, Panic at the Disco, Chester French and Fall Out Boy as support.

(Take our Photo Gallery Tour of the system, performances and more)

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