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Radial Announces The Acquisition Of Reamp At Winter NAMM 2011
Radial will continue offering licensing opportunities to other companies.
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Radial Engineering has announced they have come to an agreement for the purchase of the Reamp brand and patent from producer-engineer John Cuniberti, the originator of Reamp.

Said Radial president Peter Janis, “Over the past several years, we have been strong advocates of the Reamping process and have produced a number of very successful products such as the X-Amp, ProRMP, JD7 and JX44 that employ John’s patent.”

“During this time, we have wholeheartedly supported John by paying him a royalty for each Radial ‘Reamping’ product sold in the United States.”

“When John decided to sell, we eagerly agreed to purchase the company assets. We foresee Reamping gaining more and more market depth in the recording world as a means to integrate the organic feel and sound of analogue audio with today’s computer based digital workstations.”

“The first item on the agenda is to repackage the Reamp into the Radial mechanical format while retaining all of the original circuit design and sound that has made it famous.”

“We believe we can leverage our buying power to continue to produce the product in North America while retaining a competitive price level. We also plan to avail the Reamp product for resale through our global distribution network.”

“Our goal is to then integrate the Reamp brand throughout the Radial product range and build the category so that it eventually becomes as strong as our Radial DI box range.”

“It is important to note that we plan to fully support the Reamp legacy: John Cuniberti established the first commercially available Reamping device and patented a process that today plays a critical role in the recording studio.”

“And as a former licensee, we plan to continue offering similar licensing opportunities to other companies that wish to partake in expanding the Reamp process.”

Current Reamp users include the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, U2, Steve Vai, Bob Rock, Alan Sides, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Andy Johns, Metallica, Joe Satriani and many others.

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