VenueMagic Live Show Control With Fixture Override

February 05, 2013, by PSW Staff


VenueMagic has enhanced the fixture override feature for its family of Show Control platforms.

Combining live hardware control with VenueMagic’s ability to pre-program show elements, fixture override allows users to take real-time control of their VenueMagic-controlled show using hardware such as DMX lighting consoles, MIDI controllers, or VenueMagic’s built-in Virtual Control Surface.

Fixture override works by disabling any pre-programming – from a fixture to a timeline – that a user chooses to control in real-time. Users can take control of track levels, lighting devices, or any other connected device or parameter in VenueMagic without having conflicts with pre-progammed elements.

Any hardware can be incorporated, from full command consoles to a joystick, to control any element in a user’s show.  And with VenueMagic’s Virtual Control Surface, users get a built-in software-solution to live control as well.

Emulating the look and feel of a full command console, the Virtual Control Surface gives users hardware-style control with the same ability to control any device or parameter in VenueMagic.

“Live control enhances VenueMagic rather than complicating it,” explains Vice President of Sales Barry Seiden. “Users can do a full pre-programmed show or control everything in real-time or a mixture, without having any conflicts.”


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VenueMagic Live Show Control With Fixture Override