Ultimate Sound Provides RCF Line Arrays For Florida’s New Cascades Park Amphitheater

March 18, 2014, by PSW Staff


Ultimate Sound and Light, located in Tallahassee, Florida, recently provided a RCF and dBTechnologies sound reinforcement system for the new Cascades Park Capital City Amphitheater also located in Tallahassee.

The new 3,500 seat venue will kick off its inaugural season in April with performances by Tracy Lawrence and Charlie Wilson.

April also marks the 20th anniversary for Ultimate Sound and Light. Throughout their 20 year history, the production company has provided services for several Presidents, tour management and engineering for major rock and country artists, and has offered design and installation services to many local venues.

Ultimate Sound provided the RCF sound reinforcement system along with engineers and technical crew to conduct a sound test calibration that would set sound limits that would not exceed the local noise ordinances in the 26-acre Cascades Park.

The test took place over the course of an evening that featured several events and performances which allowed them to monitor db levels outside of the park and around the area.

To conduct the test, Ultimate Sound and Light’s team hung left-right line arrays consisting of 12 RCF HDL20-A dual 10-inch two-way modules. Six dB Technologies DVA-S30 dual 18-inch subwoofers were ground stacked under the arrays for added low end.

“The audio array was seamless and we could not be more proud of the system’s performance” commented Dave Hart, President of Ultimate Sound and Light. He also added “We look forward to another 20 years with our partners at RCF. Their staff, has been amazing to work with and we are very glad to be part of their family.”


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Ultimate Sound Provides RCF Line Arrays For Florida’s New Cascades Park Amphitheater