Systems At New Fillmore Charlotte Feature Dual Soundcraft Vi4 Digital Live Consoles
Two 48-input Soundcraft Vi4 digital live mixing consoles perform in FOH and monitor mixing roles

August 27, 2009, by PSW Staff

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The Fillmore Charlotte, a 20,000-square-foot venue at the North Carolina Music Factory’s entertainment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Fourth Ward neighborhood, stays true to the tradition of the original Fillmore theaters.

The venue, which opened this past June with Georgia acoustic rocker Corey Smith headlining, has the Fillmore’s trademark red velvet draperies, ornate chandeliers, custom lighting and vintage concert posters.

The building, once a historic Charlotte manufacturing site, was reinvigorated by Live Nation, the world’s largest concert promoter, with Soundcraft Vi4 digital live mixing consoles heading up both front-of-house and monitor positions.

The consoles work in conjunction with a PA system using components from JBL, Crown and dbx, and as with all club systems in the Live Nation chain, it was designed and installed by Sound Image of Escondido, California.

Both Vi4 consoles are configured identically, with 48 inputs on 24 faders, and a total of 27 output buses available for use as masters, groups, auxes or matrices.

Further, the features of the larger Soundcraft Vi6, such as the Vistonics II touch-screen user interface and Soundcraft FaderGlow fader function display are present on the Vi4.

While it’s the largest club of its kind in the region, Rich Davis, Audio Engineer with Sound Image and who is supervising the sound systems installations for the Live Nation Fillmore and House of Blues venues, says that it’s nonetheless an intimate place.

“There’s a lot of acoustical treatment in the room, which really reduces reflections,” he explains. “The Soundcraft V14 consoles are the perfect fit for a club like this. You have an enormous amount of control over the color and the volume of the sound.

“The Vi4’s interface is so intuitive that visiting engineers get the hang of it almost immediately, both at FOH and on monitors. And it’s a great-sounding console.”

The Fillmore Charlotte’s tight acoustics and low ceiling are handled exquisitely by a stereo PA system comprised of seven JBL VerTec VT4888DP powered 3-way midsize line array enclosures per side, augmented by six JBL ASB6128 dual 18-inch subs powered by three Crown MA9000i amplifiers, and four JBL VRX932LAP powered side fill speakers.

The stage monitor system employs 10 JBL SRX712M 12-inch stage monitors and four JBL VRX915M 15-inch stage monitors. A pair of JBL VP7215/64DPAN powered 2-way speakers and three JBL VPSB7118DPAN powered 18-inch subwoofers comprise the PA’s delay component.

The system is controlled via a dbx Drive Rack 4800 processor, with a dbx 162SL stereo compressor and dbx 1046 quad compressor/limiter. Networking and management of the system is provided via Harman’s HiQnet System Architect platform.

“A room like this can be a challenge,” says Davis, noting that less reverberant spaces like this often demand more power and more speaker enclosures, potentially impacting sight lines. “That would have happened without the JBL VerTec boxes. We were able to fill this room with far fewer boxes, and the system still has more headroom than any engineer could ever ask for. What a great system.”

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Systems At New Fillmore Charlotte Feature Dual Soundcraft Vi4 Digital Live Consoles