Symetrix Handles Processing Requirements At Nikki Beach Phuket

June 30, 2014, by PSW Staff


Situated on the beautiful shores of Thailand’s Layan Beach, the newly opened Nikki Beach Phuket is the stylish club and bar’s tenth permanent location in the world.

Making good on its contemporary credentials, the venue relies on Symetrix’ Radius 12x8 open architecture Dante scalable DSP to handle its audio processing requirements across multiple areas including a pool, indoor and outdoor dining options, a VIP lounge, and four bars.

“We are so proud to be opening our second location in Thailand,” says Nikki Beach Worldwide founder and owner Jack Penrod. “We look forward to welcoming both our loyal and new customers to experience the amazing cuisine, service and ambience found at all the Nikki Beach locations around the world at Nikki Beach Phuket.”

Marquee Audio Asia can certainly attest to the venue’s captivating ambience, having been enlisted to design and install a distributed background/foreground audio sound system that was “visually as low-key as possible, but with the functionality to perform for parties and events on a day-to-day basis without the need to hire-in on a regular basis,” explains Marquee Audio Asia owner Tim Cowling.

Flexible processing was absolutely pivotal, then, and in this regard Cowling’s team “didn’t look much further than Symetrix” in its search for a DSP able to offer 8 inputs and nearly 20 outputs to cater for multiple zones and speaker groupings.

“We have used Symetrix products many times and were certain we would have enough processing power to do the job along with the flexibility we needed. The combination of the open architecture scalable Radius 12x8, one xOut 12 audio output expansion unit and six ARC-K1e modular wall panel remotes made it ideal,” he says.

Audio expansion over Dante and “great support” from local distributor Fuzion Far East solidified the specification of Symetrix. The system design also includes Quest Audio HPI111, HPI18LP and HPI5 loudspeakers, Bose FS51 speakers in landscaped areas, Quest QA Series amplifiers, Pioneer’s DJM-2000 DJ mixer and CDJ-900 multi-player, and a Yamaha MGCX mixer.

Cowling concludes: “The overall design provides the good quality and level of audio required, and using a product like Symetrix makes it possible for non-technical staff to operate a powerful and sophisticated system with ease.”


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Symetrix Handles Processing Requirements At Nikki Beach Phuket