Radial JR2-DT Desktop Remote Switch Now Shipping

April 16, 2014, by PSW Staff


The new Radial Engineering JR2-DT remote is now shipping. The JR2-DT is a dual-function control switch that enables the user to A/B toggle devices, such as the Radial SW4 and SW8, as well as to remotely mute a system, from a desktop position.

“Since we launched the Radial SW8 backing track switcher, we have had several requests to produce a custom remote control to enable the user to reach over to switch from one backing track to the other should one of the playback systems fail,” explains Radial Custom shop manager Ryan Juchnowski. “We figured that since we were building an updated version of the SW8, it was the perfect time to produce an off-the-shelf solution. The JR2-DT is super compact, uses a standard XLR as the cable interface and is plug and play easy to use.”

The compact JR2-DT offers a choice of XLR and 1/4-inch remote outputs to suit various set-ups. There are two switches on the top panel: one switch is labelled A or B, the other mute. Each switch is a latching type that stays engaged until it is depressed a second time.

On-board LEDs illuminate to provide status. These derive power from the Radial device that is connected, eliminating the need for batteries or local power supply. The enclosure is constructed of 16-gauge steel with powder coated finish. As with all Radial products, the JR2-DT is made in Canada and comes with a 3-year transferable warranty.

The JR2-DT retails for $110 USD.

Radial Engineering

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Radial JR2-DT Desktop Remote Switch Now Shipping