QSC KLA Active Line Arrays Deployed At German Technical College

April 12, 2012, by PSW Staff


The Fachhochschule (technical college or University of Applied Sciences in English) in Münster, Germany has installed KLA Series fixed arcuate active line arrays loudspeaker system to deliver sound reinforcement at Audimax Hall, one of the school’s largest largest lecture theatres.

Located in the nearby town of Steinfurt, Audimax Hall, with a capacity of 200, has pitched rows of seating, rising towards the back of the chamber in classic lecture theatre fashion. It presents an acoustic challenge to any PA system, as does the vast size of the room.

The new system serving the room consists of six KLA12 full-range elements, arranged as two columns of three on either side of the presentation area, facing the students and at a height of about five meters (approx 15 feet) off the ground.

The arrays, with 90-degree horizontal dispersion, deliver uniformly comprehensible audio quality to all seating sections. Intrinsic Correction, a proprietary DSP audio correction process, further bolsters intelligibility.

With a frequency range of 44 Hz to 20 kHz, the KLA12 is designed to be used for musical events as well as those featuring only the spoken word. Patented QSC DEEP (Digital Extension and Excursion Processing) can also be engaged, enhancing the lowest frequencies and making for a more powerful bass signature without a subwoofer.

Heinz Schlattmann, head of the IT department, notes: “The acoustics in the Audimax have improved by a considerable margin; the former electro-acoustic speakers here were already over 20 years old and no longer really fit for purpose. The Professors here — and their listening public, the students — are all very excited about the new QSC PA system.”


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QSC KLA Active Line Arrays Deployed At German Technical College