QSC Announces New CDN64 Dante Bridge Card

February 13, 2014, by PSW Staff


QSC Audio has announced the availability of the CDN64 Dante bridge card for the Q-Sys network audio platform. 

The new CDN64 Dante bridge card provides third-party Dante enabled digital audio products the ability to connect and interface with Q-Sys while maintaining low latency.

“In the past few years we have experienced tremendous growth in the number of Q-Sys Network Audio systems installed worldwide into performance venues such as theatres, auditoriums and houses of worship, and in some cases our Q-Sys customers have requested a solution to bridge their Dante-enabled sources, such as wireless microphones and digital mixers, directly onto their Q-Sys network,” says David Fuller, senior director of Technical Marketing & International Sales. “We have observed that Audinate’s Dante hardware has been a popular protocol with many high-end live-sound manufacturers, and with the introduction of our new CDN64 bridge card, our customers are now able to interface their Dante-enabled ‘front-of-house’ input sources with their ‘back-of-house’ or ‘facility-wide’ Q-Sys solution.” 

The CDN64 provides a bridge for 32 x 32 channels at 48 kHz (16 x 16 channels at 96 kHz) from any Dante edge network, directly into a QSC Q-Sys Core for advanced processing and re-distribution over larger LAN and WAN IT infrastructures. 

The CDN64 Dante bridge card is slated for availability in late Spring, 2014.

QSC Audio

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QSC Announces New CDN64 Dante Bridge Card