Pascal Launches New Ultra-Compact 1000-Watt Amplifier Module

January 12, 2012, by PSW Staff


Pascal A/S, a manufacturer of high-power OEM amplifier modules, has launched the new, ultra-compact S-PRO2 amplifier module, designed to power a wide range of loudspeakers, line arrays and subwoofers.

The new S-PRO2 is a complete power pack offering 2 x 500 watts (RMS) at 4 ohms, and 1,000 watts in bridge mode. The integrated universal power supply including power factor correction (PFC). It measures only 2 x 3.1 x 8.5 inches (5.1 x 8.0 x 21.5 cm).

It incorporates proprietary Pascal UMAC class-D technology, as well as Pascal UREC power supply technology and PFC functionality that provides universal mains and regulation for worldwide AC mains compatibility and consistent power performance.

“Our new S-PRO2 is our response to client demand for an ultra cost effective 2 x 500 watts,  all-in-one amplifier module with an unprecedented price per watt ratio,” states Pascal sales manager Peter Frentz. “Yet it delivers extremely audiophile sonic performance.”

The S-PRO2 includes a wide range of protection features as well as auxiliary power for DSP cards.

All amplifier channels are over-current protected on outputs. Current clipping is engaged when the amplifier channels exceed its specified peak current output.

A built-in DC protection circuit will attenuate any DC signals on the amplifier inputs, produced by an input signal containing a DC signal.

Power supply over- and under-voltage protection is implemented, which means that the power supply will enter a protection mode when the operational off-line voltage exceeds or drops below the specified upper and lower operational off-line AC voltages.

Temperature protection of power-stages and heat-sinks is implemented to secure the amplifier module from overload.

The S-PRO2 is also has Energy Star Compliance, particularly handy in installations. When the amplifier is put into Sleep Mode, major circuitry parts are powered down, which leads to low AC
mains power input specification of less than 0.5 watt. In sleep mode the +7.5-volt and +/- 15-volt rails are still active, which enables a possible network/DSP to remotely power up the amplifier again.

A high frequency protection is implemented in order to protect filter components from overload, protecting the amplifier from excessive HF signals on the outputs.



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Pascal Launches New Ultra-Compact 1000-Watt Amplifier Module