Ocean’s Ten Club On Miami Beach Upgrades With Community WET Series Loudspeakers

July 02, 2014, by PSW Staff


Ocean’s Ten, a popular night club in Miami Beach, FL presenting live music and DJs at a beachfront location, recently implemented Community Professional loudspeakers to upgrade sound quality for its outdoor areas.

The sonic quality of the previous outdoor loudspeakers was lacking, and further, they had deteriorated from continuous exposure to the salt-air environment.

As a result, the venue contacted James Reed and Michael Callahan of Audio Video Lighting Innovations (AVLI) in Miami to put together a solution to meet both sound quality and durability requirements. AVLI, which had previously installed the club’s high-quality indoor system, recommended Community WET loudspeakers to meet the specific needs of the application.

Specifically, six Community W2-2W8 loudspeakers form a distributed array along the club’s sidewalk dining area. The W2-2W8s provide full-range output with wide, smooth dispersion, and their white color complements the club’s outdoor décor. The new loudspeakers are powered by a Lab Gruppen power amplifier, with loudspeaker management and system equalization provided by a Biamp Nexia DSP.

Reed says the club is very happy with their new outdoor loudspeaker system, and adds, “It sounds fantastic out there.”

Community Professional

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Ocean’s Ten Club On Miami Beach Upgrades With Community WET Series Loudspeakers