Lectrosonics Introduces ASPEN Dante Network Processor

May 03, 2012, by PSW Staff


Lectrosonics has expanded the ASPEN digital matrix processor family with the new SPNDNT network processor, a full-featured DSP that can address both the ASPEN and Dante matrices and add mixing, gain, and delay functions to the digital audio signals.

Any of the 48 final mixes in the ASPEN matrix can be assigned to any one or more of the Dante channels for transport to other endpoints in the network.

Dante signals can also be imported into the ASPEN matrix in a local processor sub-system for mixing with other local and network signals, and then routed onward to other local or network devices.

Dante products deliver a no-hassle, self-configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols.

This combination offers a market leading solution today, while providing a migration path to upgrade to new standards such as the IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB).

Gordon Moore, vice president of sales at Lectrosonics, states, “Dante has proven to be robust, reliable and incredibly easy to configure. Our customers have long asked for a low latency, easy to use, audio transport over Ethernet system.

“Dante delivers all that is promised,” he continues. “To say that we are excited about the potential is an understatement.”

The ASPEN Dante network processor offers a solution in system designs for telepresence, room combining, courtroom complex, distance learning and multi-endpoint conference systems. Available now, it carries a MSRP of $3,325.



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Lectrosonics Introduces ASPEN Dante Network Processor