JBL VTX Line Arrays Playing Big Role In China’s “Sing My Song”

May 29, 2014, by PSW Staff


Music reality show “Sing My Song,” a ratings winner in China that’s aired by CCTV3, utilizes Harman’s JBL Professional VTX V25 line arrays to deliver coverage to the large studio audience.

The house system serving the studio utilizes two groups of 10 JBL VTX V25 full-size line array loudspeakers each that are suspended and cover three sides of the stage. Beneath the stage are three groups of four JBL VTX S28 subwoofers each.

With JBL VTX LAC (Line Array Calculator) software, each projected area of the loudspeakers is taken into consideration to calculate the energy output of each loudspeaker.

“The JBL VTX loudspeakers perform and sound amazing,” states Jin Shaogang, music and pitch instructor for the show. “The mids and highs of the V25 loudspeakers sound smooth and transparent, while the JBL S28 subwoofers pack a lot of power and add plenty of depth to the sound.”

Thirty-two Crown Audio I-Tech 12000 HD amplifiers power the loudspeakers, and the entire system is controlled via JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software, for the convenience of uploading the configurations for all the equipment during installation and sound debugging during live shows.

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JBL VTX Line Arrays Playing Big Role In China’s “Sing My Song”