JBL Professional Adds To EON600 Portable PA Series With New EON610 And EON612 Loudspeakers

June 20, 2014, by PSW Staff


Harman’s JBL Professional has added two new models to its EON600 Series: the EON610 10-inch 2-way loudspeaker and the EON612 12-inch 2-way loudspeaker.

“Since its introduction in January, the EON615 has been extremely well-received, and the addition of the EON610 and EON612 gives today’s working musicians and sound providers modern, compact options for a portable sound system that offers truly unmatched sound quality,” states Andy Flint, senior manager, Portable PA Marketing, JBL Professional. “The EON600 Series represents a complete rethinking of how truly good an affordable, self-contained, portable PA system can be.”

The EON610 and EON612 incorporate built-in 1,000-watt power amplification, providing needed headroom for a variety of applications. Custom JBL high- and low-frequency transducers deliver high sound pressure levels with lower distortion throughout the frequency range.

The approach to waveguide design in the EON600 Series addresses the inherent beaminess of conventional loudspeaker systems that causes them to have a different frequency response off-axis than on-axis.

JBL examined the radiation characteristics of the EON’s high- and low-frequency drivers at 36 different points employing proprietary measurement techniques, then designed individual waveguides for both components that control the sound radiation at the high frequencies, the crossover point, and at the low frequencies. Special fluting is designed into the structure that guides the frequencies through the full range of the system, resulting in consistent response throughout its entire coverage pattern.

In addition, JBL developed an iOS and Android supported interface to be paired with the Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 for controlling master volume, adjusting the 5-way, user-definable parametric EQ, and saving and recalling user presets.

Four strategically placed handles allow easy handling, indexed feet allow secure stacking, transportation and storage, and extra-strong enclosures ensure reliability.

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JBL Professional Adds To EON600 Portable PA Series With New EON610 And EON612 Loudspeakers