IsoAcoustics Debuts ISO-L8R130 Isolation-Enhancing Stands

February 07, 2013, by PSW Staff


IsoAcoustics announces the debut the new ISO-L8R130 isolation-enhancing stands, specifically designed for small speakers with widths exceeding 5” and weights of not more than 20 lbs.

The ISO-L8R130 stands share all the features found in the ISO-L8R155 and ISO-L8R200, including the patented “floating” architecture for audio image stabilizing. The new speaker stand measures 5.1” wide and 6” deep and comes with tubing to configure it to either 2.5” or 8” in height as well as 2 sets of adjustor inserts to provide 14 variations of height and tilt adjustments.

IsoAcoustics Stands’ patented isolation technology allows any speaker to float in free space, maintain all movement on-axis, eliminating energy transfer to the surrounding surfaces. The result is markedly enhanced sound clarity, tightening up of the bass and the opening up of mid-range frequencies – for authentic, uncolored sound. 

“We are excited to be able to provide a comprehensive range of isolation-enhancing speaker stands to fit all needs—from professional requirements to the home studio, “ said IsoAcoustics president and founder Dave Morrison. “These stands offer a perfect solution to position speakers at ear level and stabilizing lateral imaging while isolating them from desk vibrations.”

The first IsoAcoustics model of speaker stands, the ISO-L8R155, have won several Best of Show Awards, both at last year’s NAMM 2012 with the ISO-L8R200 for mid-field monitors, and at the 133rd AES in San Francisco in October 2012.


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IsoAcoustics Debuts ISO-L8R130 Isolation-Enhancing Stands