Grundorf Introduces New ABS Series Professional Amp Racks

January 09, 2013, by PSW Staff


Grundorf has introduced new ABS Series professional amp racks, lightweight transport cases designed to house power amplifiers, processors, patchbays, and more.

Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-space configurations, the new ABS Series is manufactured from high molecular weight ABS material and utilizes a 3 mm thickness high density ABS shell with a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion to ensure robust protection.

All models have a contemporary, professional black textured finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Gasket-fitted front and rear lids—each with a 2.25-inch inside depth—protect equipment from moisture and dirt.

The ABS Series is also designed with molded-in structural bracing for added strength. In addition to ensuring the case retains its structural rigidity, this design characteristic also enables them to be stacked to conserve space. A molded-in, stackable ‘lock-in-place’ design ensures the equipment stays securely in place.

The cases employ a pre-tensioned rack rail that eliminates the occurrence of loose racking screws. The rack rail is field-replaceable, should the need to replace it ever become necessary.

With a 16.75-inch rackable depth space between the front and rear rack rail, the cases accommodate most rack-mount equipment.

Frank Grund, president of Grundorf Corporation, states. “With their high impact, lightweight design, our new ABS Series amp racks make an outstanding choice for a myriad of applications. Their light weight makes them a great choice for gigging musicians while the ABS shell cleans up nicely—thus making them an attractive solution for hotels, conference centers, houses of worship and similar venues where equipment needs to move from one space to another.

“And with our optional dolly plates, the process of moving these amp racks becomes that much easier. I’m confident musicians, DJ’s, corporate A/V managers, and others will find these cases provide robust protection for their valuable electronics at a price that represents tremendous value.”

Grundorf Corporation’s new ABS Series professional amp racks are in stock and carry the following U.S. MSRP:
ABS-R0216B (2-space)—$209.95
ABS-R0416B (4-space)—$239.95
ABS-R0616B (6-space)—$259.95
ABS-R0816B (8-space)—$309.95
ABS-R1016B (10-space)—$339.95
ABS-R1216B (12-space)—$379.95


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Grundorf Introduces New ABS Series Professional Amp Racks