Full Compass Named North American Distributor Of Triad-Orbit Microphone Stand Systems

February 04, 2013, by PSW Staff

full compass

Full Compass is the new North American distributor for Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems, adding the innovative line to its considerable product offerings.

Triad-Orbit systems are based on TRIAD articulating tripod mic stands. Their tripod bases have the weight and stability of larger cast iron bases without the bulky footprint.

Each leg of the base is adjustable into five positions using Triad-Orbit’s patent-pending ratcheting mechanism. The angle of the stand can be adjusted at the base up to 65 degrees of pitch. This enables accurate and stable placement on uneven surfaces and tight stacking of multiple stands for efficient storage and transport.

ORBIT orbital booms are designed with a stainless steel ball swivel mechanism which delivers 360-220 degree range of motion. Booms are available as single-arm or a unique dual-arm option that is especially useful for stereo and dual mic placements.

All parts are precision-machined to ensure smooth, noise-free movement.

In addition, exclusive Triad IO quick-change couplers eliminate tedious threading of mic and boom clips, replaced by “on-the-fly’ hardware swaps using IO couplers.

Triad-Orbit MICRO adapters provide users with fast and exact adjustments. They are miniature versions of ORBIT orbital booms, with the same unique ball swivel action and extensive range of motion. Combining these adapters with ORBIT booms allows for complete ease and accuracy of mic placement.

“We have witnessed the development of the Triad-Orbit system for years and are very impressed with how thoroughly every element has been researched, engineered and tested,” states Jonathan Lipp, CEO of Full Compass. “This is an innovative, time-saving solution that illustrates real understanding of the challenges professionals face.  Attention to detail, superior materials and high manufacturing standards all contribute lasting value to the product.”

Go here for more information about Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems.

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Full Compass Named North American Distributor Of Triad-Orbit Microphone Stand Systems