Fulcrum Acoustic And Powersoft Collaborate On New Self-Powered Loudspeakers

November 06, 2012, by PSW Staff

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A collaboration between Fulcrum Acoustic and Powersoft has resulted in Fulcrum’s first-ever series of self-powered products.

Specifically, the partnership has resulted in the release of six new models—three additions to the FA Portable family (FA12ac, FA15ac, FA28ac) and three to the Reference Monitor family (RM22ac, RM25ac, RM28ac).

These new models pair Fulcrum’s Level 1 TQ processing with advantages of self-powered units.

Fulcrum sought a partner that could provide a high-powered, high-fidelity amplifier with enough DSP to handle its proprietary Level 1 TQ processing, and together, Fulcrum and Powersoft developed the DSP4 module.

The DSP4 was integrated into Powersoft’s DigiMod 2000HV, to create the DigiMod 2000HV DSP4 IS.  This advanced processing module supports TQ Level 1 processing, and also provides network control/monitoring over Ethernet, digital audio I/O, and additional equalization that end-users can access for venue-specific adjustments.

In addition, the DigiMod 2000HV DSP4 IS delivers 1,000 watts per channel (two channels).

“We’re excited about this partnership with Fulcrum Acoustic,” states Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft R&D director and one of the company’s founders. “DSP-4 sets a new standard for digital signal audio processing in self-powered speakers, and the great team at Fulcrum, thanks to their expertise in acoustic design and an approach highly focused on quality, are making the most of both our amplification technology and DSP platform. We look forward to extend the cooperation to other products with Fulcrum.”

“We are glad to work with Powersoft for the following reasons because their amplifiers provide the high power that we need with superb audio quality,” says Fulcrum Acoustic president Stephen Siegel. “They are generally acknowledged to be in the top tier of amplifiers on the market.

“In addition, their engineering team understands our needs; we are effective at working together,” he adds. “All of their products provide exceptional power to weight ratios—very high power and light weight.”


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Fulcrum Acoustic And Powersoft Collaborate On New Self-Powered Loudspeakers