Fishman Unveils Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller

February 07, 2012, by PSW Staff


The new Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller combines guitar with any virtual instrument or hardware synthesizer to access a wide range of instruments, samples and sounds on stage to expand the depth and impact of live performances.

Triple Play comes with a wireless controller, hexaphonic pickup, and wireless USB receiver. The controller and included software works with industry standard DAWs and vitual instruments and installs quickly on any electric guitar. The system can be easily removed from the guitar because it doesn’t require any permanent installation.

The Triple Play system features several “hold” functions such as sustain, looping, and arpeggiators, along with string or fret splits for multiple instruments.

Also included are menu navigation controls for the included software and a guitar synthesizer volume control. A guitar, mix, synth switch is easily accessible during performances.

A low profile design (less than .5-inch) allows the controller to be left on the guitar and still fit in the case. It operates with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (included).

Triple Play’s powered USB wireless receiver interfaces with computers or iOS devices. The system comes with a comprehensive Windows, OSX and iOS software bundle to get users started.

A Triple Play Wireless Guitar Expander option provides additional connectivity for interfacing wireless MIDI signals to computers or iOS devices. It adds a full function USB audio interface with guitar input, bypass and headphone output, MIDI hardware IN and OUT and support for footswitches to extend Triple Play’s capabilities for recording, performing or composing music.

The new Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller is scheduled for release in June 2012.


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Fishman Unveils Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller