Community Loudspeakers Chosen To Deliver Sound At West Point’s Johnson Stadium

June 07, 2012, by PSW Staff


Historic Johnson Stadium at Doubleday Field in West Point, NY—home to the Army’s Black Knights baseball team—has undergone recent renovations, improving the stadium’s technology without altering its architecture.

The project included the installation of a new scoreboard and video display, a new press box, and a new stadium-wide sound system.

Thomas DePace (CTS) of Advance Sound Company, a Farmingdale-based audio visual consultant that designed and installed the new audio system, selected Community Professional R-Series loudspeakers for the project.

“West Point is in a unique geographical location on the Hudson River which mixes both salt and fresh water,” says DePace. “That combination can be quite challenging when you’re designing a system that you expect to last for years to come. The Community R-Series speakers are designed to withstand the elements.”

The new system includes Community R.25 and R.5 two-way, full-range, weather-resistant loudspeakers, black powder coated to coordinate with the Black Knights color scheme. The loudspeakers are pole-mounted approximately 30 feet high using Adaptive Technologies’ Pole Mount Solution.

The tight cluster design allows sound to be directed at the baseline stands, backstop and surrounding areas, as well as the field.

“We wanted great intelligibility in close range as well as far range patterns,” DePace explains. “We had to use wider beam patterns because the concessions, ticket booths and bullpens are located outside of the stadium, and we wanted to ensure people in those areas still feel like they are part of the game.”

The system also includes a Shure SCM800 mixer, with DSP handled by Biamp Nexia and Crown Audio CDI Series amplifiers to allow for individualized zone level controls.

“West Point is immensely happy with the result of the installation,” DePace says. “It looks nice and clean, and the power and sound quality is what one would expect when attending a United States Army event.” 

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Community Loudspeakers Chosen To Deliver Sound At West Point’s Johnson Stadium