Clair Global Introduces CF 1090 Fractal Antenna
Band optimized for communications, wireless microphones, and wireless monitoring systems

December 08, 2011, by PSW Staff

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Clair Global has introducied the CF 1090 Fractal Antenna for live entertainment applications worldwide.

The creation of the CF 1090 is a study in guided serendipity. In the summer of 2010, Clair Global acquired Wireless First. Both the company’s founder, Kevin Sanford and his chief engineer Josh Flower had been working on a new wireless antenna in their shop for several years.

Now, as part of the Clair team, they moved quickly to take advantage of Clair’s resources. The final element was the inclusion of Dr. Nathan Cohen, whose decades of experience as founder of Fractal Antenna Systems Inc. make him one of the world’s foremost experts on the technology at the CF 1090’s heart.

Using fractal technologies, whereby self-similar scaling of antenna elements both reduces housing size and increases frequency range, the CF 1090 is circular polarized and orientation insensitive and delivers superior performance despite a uniquely unobtrusive, camera-friendly design.

The CF 1090 delivers higher gain across a significantly wider and more uniform coverage pattern when compared to existing technologies. It is band optimized for communications, wireless microphones, and wireless monitoring systems.

At 15- by 15- by 2.7-inches and just four pounds, the CF 1090 is easy to mount in a multitude of ways. Bandwidth spans 470 to 928 MHz and half-power beam width measures 90-degrees.

Sanford notes, “The professionals of Clair Global face some of the most daunting and complex live sound RF system configurations in the industry. I’m pleased that the CF 1090 delivers the performance and flexibility required to confidently complete them.

“Moreover, its size makes it easier to place the CF 1090 in ideal locations without compromising sight lines or cluttering the stage.”

Sanford employed the new CF 1090 Fractal Antenna at the Christmas in Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting ceremony for NBC on November 30, where it was the main transmit antenna for 32 drops of wireless intercom, six IFBs, and sixteen channels of IEMs, as well as acting as receive antennas for twelve channels of redundant microphone receivers on 5th Avenue.

The same gear was featured at the CMT Artist of the Year Award television show in early December.


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Clair Global Introduces CF 1090 Fractal Antenna