Blue Microphones Announces Expansion Of Professional Sales Team
Company adds two independent sales representatives for managing continued growth of professional sales in Western U.S. markets

September 28, 2010, by PSW Staff

blue microphones

Blue Microphones has introduced Eric Boyer of Audio Agent and Thomas Mitchell of Flipside Sales as new members of the company’s expanded professional sales team.

Boyer is managing sales in the states of Washington and Oregon, as well as Northern California. Prior to joining Audio Agent, he was a vice president of manufacturing at Blue Microphones, along with a successful term at Presonus.

Mitchell is managing sales in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Prior to working with Flipside Sales, Mitchell was a sales representative at Signal Marketing, which handles leading pro audio brands such as such QSC Audio and Audio-Technica.

“Blue Microphones has been very deliberate and selective in adding sales representatives to its sales team,” said Dino Virella, Blue professional products sales director. “It takes a unique combination of passion, drive and creativity to represent Blue Microphones. Both Eric and Thomas possess these attributes in abundance, and Blue dealers will be more successful having immediate access to these resources.”

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Blue Microphones Announces Expansion Of Professional Sales Team