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Press Release Of The Week
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My inbox is bombarded with hundreds of press releases each week, and a few invariably deliver a chuckle.

Unintentionally, of course.

Here’s the latest “press release of the week”—

Are you looking for a way to kick up your home theater a notch…or two? 

The (product name/model number withheld) tower speakers will provide you that TRUE home theater experience with two 15-inch subwoofers per tower!

The leader in professional audio has finally brought their experience into the home. These speakers are raved about in high-end audio publications because of their tremendous quality and incredible value. The tower can handle 500 Watts of powerful sound and dishes out unmatched bass with crystal clear mids and highs.

These speakers are sure to turn your living room into a movie theater, wake up the neighbors and provide you with a sound system that rivals many night clubs!

Please reach out for additional information.  Review units are available in limited quantities.

My only question: will these folks talk to my neighbors when they’re ticked off because my super-cool new speakers woke them up?


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Posted by Audio Pundit  on  12/22/08  at  11:48 AM
Billy Mays is so yesterday... Vince from Shamwow is where it's at!
Posted by Greg McVeigh  on  12/22/08  at  09:43 AM
Watch out for the press releases that say "Press Contact: Billy Mays" or a tag line with the words, "Home Shopping Network."
Posted by Audio Pundit  on  12/22/08  at  09:07 AM
Greg - Definitely not. Your releases, like most I receive, are well done. But there are certain ones - usually where the writer tries just a bit too hard - that end up going over the top, lending a genuine comedic quality to the presentation. :>) Keith
Posted by Greg McVeigh  on  12/19/08  at  08:26 PM
I'm just glad it wasn't one of my press releases. You had me on edge there for a minute.
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