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Powersoft M50Q DSP+ ETH Powers South Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church
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The church leaders at South Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church located in Spokane, Washington, had been satisfied with their older, center cluster sound system for years. Used primarily for the spoken word, church members found it adequate for their services.

That all changed when Summit Ridge Christian Fellowship also in Spokane, brought in their portable system for the services they hold at South Hill. Featuring Fulcrum Audio loudspeakers powered by Powersoft amplifiers, the portable church system blew away the existing system.

“One afternoon the phone rang and it was the church leaders at South Hill wondering if I could put together a system for them similar to the one I designed for Summit Ridge,” Kyle Anderson, President of AGI Professional, explains. “We had put together the portable system a month earlier and as soon as members of South Hill heard it, they realized how much better their services could sound with an upgraded system.”

The AGI team put together a new system consisting of two Fulcrum Acoustic CX1295 12” coaxial loudspeakers mounted on the upper stage front at one-third intervals. Low ended was provided by two Fulcrum Acoustic Sub215 dual 15” vented subwoofers placed at floor level at the front of the stage. The system is powered by one four-channel Powersoft M50Q DSP+ETH amplifier.

Anderson utilized channels one and two for the mid/highs and sub on the left and channels three and four for the mid/highs and sub on the right. He continues, “The people at South Hill were amazed that one amplifier could power the system and sound as good as it did. It is incredibly efficient on power and space and provides ample headroom.”

With 5,000 W across four channels and weighing in at a mere 16.3lbs weight, the single rack unit M50Q DSP+ETH is extremely versatile. The four-channel amplifier provides four inputs and outputs with each channel offering five bi-quad filters for system equalization, two crossovers, eight bi-quad filters, and RMS and peak limiters.

DSP+ETH units are equipped with Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio SuiteTM software which provides control and monitoring as well as preset management, uploading over the network, various crossover filter types (including IIR and FIR), and separate input and output EQs with a wide variety of filters.

“Tuning the system was extremely easy reminding me of other high-end EQs I’ve used,” Anderson adds. “Because the amps are rack-mounted and located rear stage right, the FOH engineer can easily monitor and control them from front-of-house.” 

“It took the church hearing another service in their sanctuary to realize how out-of-date their system was,” concludes Anderson. “Because the Summit Ridge church system was designed for the South Hill sanctuary – which is their temporary home until the new building is completed – the church knew what they were getting even before it was installed. Everyone is thrilled with the end result.”



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