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Pendulum Debuts The DS-500 De-esser At The 130th AES Convention In London
This is the second Pendulum product designed for the 500 series format, which is scheduled to begin shipping by mid-July of 2011.
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Pendulum Audio has announced the introduction of the DS-500 De-esser at the 130th AES Convention in London.

The DS-500 is the second Pendulum product designed specifically for the 500 series format.

The DS-500 is a single channel, non-tube version of the De-esser in the Pendulum Quartet Tube Recording Channel.

It uses the same highly selective inductive detector and opto-inductive notch filter as the the de-esser in the Quartet, so it has the same characteristics, and very fast response.

By pairing it with a unity gain class A solid-state line stage, the DS-500 retains the transparent character of the de-esser action, while keeping the signal path clean and uncolored.

The DS-500 is fully compatible with any rack that adheres to the API spec.

Owners of the Quartet have found the de-esser to be effective in many other applications, which include removing finger squeaks in acoustic guitar tracks, and “wisp” sounds on electric bass.

The List Price of the DS-500 is $749.95 and it is scheduled to begin shipping by mid-July 2011.

Pendulum Audio

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