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On Point Audio Provides Reinforcement For Komyo-ji Temple Concert
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The Komyo-ji temple in Kamakura, Japan, holds occasional music concerts in its main hall. Micro Tacs, a local pro audio rental company, recently provided an On Point Audio sound reinforcement system for a jazz concert held at the temple.

“Several hundred guests enjoyed the system,” explains Shiro Nagashima, owner of Micro Tacs. “The OPA Line/Sub system provides high fidelity sound while not overwhelming the audience. It was perfect for this venue.”

The OPALine is a single-box vertical line array with a vertical transducer configuration that generates a wide horizontal dispersion while also providing precise vertical pattern control. As a result the defined pattern provides excellent intelligibility in reverberant spaces – ideal for the temple main hall.

The OPALine is loaded with four NP8 high-output, narrow-profile woofers that have the same cone acoustical radiating area as a conventional 8-inch woofer, in a much smaller profile. The HF section of the OPALine features two vertical line array waveguides that are both coupled to a high-output, medium-format titanium compression drivers. This configuration ensures excellent vocal range pattern control, superior system intelligibility and high reliability.

When coupled with the OPALine/Sub – a powered 18-inch subwoofer with two power amplifiers designed as a companion product for the OPALine – the self-powered system provides the controlled dispersion needed in a reverberant temple space while still offering audio fidelity, vocal intelligibility and the low end a jazz concert requires.

Micro tacs also provided two OPA 28 NP and two OPA 10 Active utilized as floor monitors. An Ashly KLR-2000 was on hand for the passive enclosures.

“The host of the event was very pleased with the look of the OPALine/Sub system,” Nagashima adds. “He did not want the system to detract from the space and the compact nature of the pole-mounted enclosures fit the aesthetics of the room.”

Micro Tacs provided a similar system for the Café Prime in Enoshima Yacht Harbor which was equally well received.

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