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New Version 4.7 Software For Studer Vista Consoles Brings Graphic EQ To All Channels
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The latest release of software for Studer Vista digital consoles brings 30-band graphic EQ functionality to all channels on the desk, whether they are inputs, buses or outputs, in addition to the existing full 4-band parametric equalisation.

Assignment and selection of the graphic EQ is via the Vistonics touch screen, and the control of the frequency bands is then placed on the channel faders, or via the rotary controls in the Vistonics section.

On Vista 9 consoles, the FaderGlow illuminates red when the faders are used for graphic EQ, with the channel name screens indicating the band’s frequency. The start band can be placed at any suitable fader position on the console for convenient user location.

A combined EQ curve is also displayed in the Vistonics section.

The software is available as an upgrade for all Studer Vista consoles which utilise the SCore Live DSP core, and is dependant on DSP configuration.


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