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New M.A.R.S. SoundPad For Innovason Eclipse GT Digital Console
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The SoundPad plug-in with touchscreen operation brings new playback functionality to the Innovason Eclipse GT mixing console’s M.A.R.S. multitrack recorder.

SoundPad enables the preparation and triggering of up to 64 audio files containing up to eight audio channels each.

Audio files can be triggered in various ways, including via time code, MIDI, touchscreen operation, fader start, mute key, etc. They can be imported into the M.A.R.S. removable SATA HDD or read-out in real time from any USB device connected to the Eclipse GT.

SoundPad can be used in parallel with a M.A.R.S. project; any recording or playback of a multitrack session during the use of the SoundPad will be unaffected. Each audio file assigned to one of the 64 touchbuttons on the SoundPad can be edited (start, stop, fade, level, pitch, etc). It is also possible to export a SoundPad project and import it in another M.A.R.S. or MT128 device.

SoundPad also offers a module that allows a number of playlists to be created. A playlist is a sorted list of audio files (e.g Waves, MP3, MP2, AIF) that can be automatically chained. Each file can be anything from mono to an 8-channel piece of music, speech or special effects. Up to four playlists per project can be set up, with each playlist holding up to 256 audio files.

SoundPad is optimized for use in applications including theaters, where special effects, audio ambiance and off-stage pre-recorded dialog have to be manually or automatically triggered during a performance. It’s equally suitable for Broadway shows, where the SoundPad is used for synchronizing the show with special effects and musical elements, and is also designed for the use in live shows for jingles, security messages, hold music before the show and links between artists.

Eclipse GT offers fully integrated multi-track recording via the unique M.A.R.S Multi-track Audio Recording System. It also enables mixing up to 104 inputs simultaneously into 48 mix buses with the capacity to manage up to 320 inputs on the console using up to five remote audio racks.

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